Photographers tend to fall in love with one local place for their shoots - ours is St. James Farm, an equestrian forest preserve in the suburbs of Chicago. With rows of trees that light up in the fall, and pines that last all year round, it's the perfect location for any kind of session (especially when it's someone you love)!

We've known Molly since before we even started college - Siobhan and Molly even almost roomed together! Molly was there the day we met and our love story began, and she watched it all unfold over the years to come. Molly has a beautiful soul, a heart of gold, and a love for people and the Lord that is oh so evident! She is a wonderful friend to so many.

On the day of this shoot, it was FREEZING. Like, below 30 degrees and no sun in sight. But Molly and Siobhan braved the cold to get some portraits to capture Molly's beauty and her fun-loving personality! We listened to Noah Kahan's new album and danced around a field and had a good time catching up. It took a couple warm-up breaks to make it through the whole shoot, but it was well worth braving the cold for the experience, and for the photos!